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Christian-outreach-how_to_share_your_faith_witness_testimony_evangelize The heart of this ministry: to see God's people share their heart for God.

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Working With Other Ministries

Saturday, July 12, 2008

It is God's heart that we might work together to spread the Gospel. The Pocket Testament League is actively partnering with other ministries to spread the Gospel. We are producing special covers and co-branded Gospels of John for other organizations that have a mission to reach the lost. Whatever ministry you might be doing, you can be more effective if you have the Word of God tucked in a pocket, ready to share. This was posted last night on our website:

Kevin N.
Posted 07/11/2008 from Kerman, CA

I have wanted to start "missionary" work for a few months now, but was not sure how. I heard on a Focus on the Family broadcast about these booklets. I hope to use them as an aid to spread the good news of Jesus to those He puts in my path. Or maybe I will go out and pass them out somewhere. Thank You for this opportunity.

posted by Mike Brickley at

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About Mike Brickley

As president of The Pocket Testament League, Mike has a passion for seeing God's people build a lifestyle of reading Scripture daily, carrying God's Word with them wherever they go, and sharing the Word with others.

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