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Christian-outreach-how_to_share_your_faith_witness_testimony_evangelize The heart of this ministry: to see God's people share their heart for God.

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On the Way to the Bridge

Sunday, February 7, 2010

We come across so many people in our daily walk, and often we don't realize the struggles that they are going through. This story by one of our members reminds us that people are precious....and often desperately looking for a touch from God.. a touch that we might bring.

Posted 02/04/2010 from Prior Lake, MN
"My friend and I were sharing the love of God with a man downtown this past Tuesday. He accepted Christ and we gave him the gospel of John pocket testament. Then he dropped down on his knees in the snow and thanked the Lord, very loudly. He then told us that he had been on his way to the bridge to jump off because he was so hopeless. After praying with him, we all shouted, "Praise the Lord"! He was set free!!" Helen

posted by Mike Brickley at

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About Mike Brickley

As president of The Pocket Testament League, Mike has a passion for seeing God's people build a lifestyle of reading Scripture daily, carrying God's Word with them wherever they go, and sharing the Word with others.

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